Pilgrims on the Highway

Life now has a before and an after.

There is before our odyssey; time we spent marching on the path well travelled becoming adults in academia and professions.

There is an after; our new perspective on the bursting human potential and this country's awesome natural beauty.

Blissfully we caste off ignorance and embrace our discoveries; hold them close to our hearts forever.

If we could bottle the sense of freedom and intrinsic joy from this trip, we’d let each of you drift away on its dreamy intoxication. Let us suffice to share with you some images from this journey. We hope these images will inspire you like they have us.

We learned on our four-month road trip across the United States in a 1968 Airstream Caravel that our nature is dynamic, always seeking the surprise around the bend. We are not alone. The road is electric with souls searching.

Peace and Love
Jeff and Melissa

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